Entry #2

I need music of my upcoming game, SVR

2012-10-27 06:48:30 by rabbitgentleman

I have an upcoming SHMUP game that I'm going to make with Game Maker 8, SVR (Star Voyager Raptor). The horizontal scroller shooting game just like Gradius and In the Hunt. So, if you are expert in music composition, then you gonna compse these songs. All of these are video game music.

Prelude: Prepare for Battle
Stage 1 music: Inherited Challenge
Stage 2 music: Space Battle
Stage 3 music: Departure
Stage 4 music: Guardian
Stage 5 music: Difficult Mission
Stage 6 music: Galatic Sky
Stage 7 music: Weapons of Tragedy
Stage 8 music: The Final Stand
Stage Boss music: Destruction
Final Boss music: Soul of Fighting
Ending music: Universe in Peace
Game Over music: Mission Failed

I need music of my upcoming game, SVR


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